Our unit has been using BLES (Liposurf) for more than 20 years, and we’ve had great success with it. BLES (Liposurf) is well tolerated even when given to the smallest babies, the response is very quick allowing us to quickly extubate our babies to NCPAP.

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(bovine lipid extract surfactant)
THERAPEUTIC CLASSIFICATION: Lung surfactant (bovine)

BLES Biochemicals Inc., the market leader for pulmonary surfactant in Canada, manufactures and distributes Liposurf (bovine lipid extract surfactant). Liposurf is a pulmonary surfactant for use in the treatment of premature infants suffering from Neonatal Respiratory Distress Syndrome. Liposurf is unique; there is no generic form of this product. BLES Biochemicals Inc. is a privately-owned Canadian-controlled pharmaceutical company.


Route of administration: Intratracheal instillation
Dosage Form / Strength: Suspension / 27mg phospholipid/mL


Liposurf (bovine lipid extract surfactant) is extracted from bovine lung surfactant. The manufacturing process removes hydrophilic proteins, the majority of which is SP-A, and selects for hydrophobic phospholipids and SP-B and SP-C.

Liposurf can rapidly affect oxygenation and lung compliance.


NRDS/Hyaline Membrane Disease
• Administer Liposurf in a highly supervised clinical setting as soon as possible once oxygenation criteria are met
• Due to the immediate effect of Liposurf (usually within 5 to 30 minutes) vigilantly monitor respiratory parameters post-administration


Liposurf (bovine lipid extract surfactant) is intended for intratracheal instillation only after an endotracheal airway has been established. The recommended dosage of Liposurf is 5mL/kg at 27mg of phospholipids/mL, which equals 135mg phospholipid/kg. As many as 3 subsequent doses of Liposurf can be given within the first 5 days of life.


Store at or below -10°C for a period of 24 months (please see expiry date stated on the packaging material). Do not use past expiry date. If it is not possible to store Liposurf at -10°C, then it may be stored at 2°-8°C for a single maximum period of three months. Protect from light. Store vials in cartons in freezer or refrigerator until required for use. Refrigerated vials should not be returned to the freezer (-10°C). Record the date on which Liposurf is removed from the freezer and transferred to the refrigerator in the space provided on the label. An unopened Liposurf vial may be warmed to room temperature (25°C) twice during its shelf life for a maximum period of 6 hours each and returned to the refrigerator provided the vial remains unopened. Record the period Liposurf has been at room temperature in the space provided on the label.

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